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About Us

Victoria Terminus, a historic railway station located in the heart of Mumbai was built by the British and named in honour of the Queen. This station is always bustling with the sounds of the locals and the metro city as it sends out trains to every corner of the country. Every day, this station unites people from different cultures and caters to everyone’s need.

As the first passenger train gets ready to depart, the aroma of freshly baked bread, the tantilizing smell of freshly ground coffee and the rich fragrance of whole spices roasting, infuse the air of the entire station. Whether its the daily commute, meeting loved ones, a welcome home or farewell, everyone needs a mouthful or two to begin or end their journey.

Just like the VT station is central to the worlds busiest commuter rail network, it is the hub for bringing people together over a menu created from traditional, authentic flavours from across India.


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